February Newsletter COFACE

A word from the director of COFACE Families Europe:

Dear Readers,

There was plenty happening in Brussels and in other European capitals this month in relation to family matters –here below are some highlights.

National news from our members includes reports on the impact of digitalization in Germany, a study of banking exclusion in France, advocacy and progress on paternity leave in Belgium, and sound advice on a sustainable use of toys in Spain. At EU level, we have been busy as usual positioning the voice of families in different fields such as discussing the future post-2020 EU budget pushing for greater investment in people; highlighting the potential negative impact of EU financial service initiatives on over-indebted families (namely in relation to non-performing loans); actively supporting the EU WorkLife Balance directive through our #IwantWorkLifeBalance campaign; exchanging views with the ICT industry on ways they can improve online safety of children; and much more with key partners in the fields of human rights, disability, education, safer internet…

This is a selection of news from our February actions, but feel free to follow us on our social media for real-time updates. We’re especially active on FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn, so do connect and interact with us! Especially from 1-7thMarch in the run-up to International Women’s Day on 8th March.

Best wishes,

Liz Gosme

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February Newsletter COFACE
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