NELFA & Meer dan gewenst congratulate Catalan Rainbow Families Association for their 15th anniversary

6 juni 2016 | tags: NELFA, rechtsgelijkheid, Spanje

FLG – Associació de Famílies LGTBI, is celebrating this year 15 years of fighting for equality for Rainbow Families. Created in 2001, FLG’s work has been crucial to change hearts and minds and, importantly, to change the laws in Catalonia and in Spain in favour of the rights of LGBTIQ* parents and their children. NELFA and Meer dan gewenst would like to extend sincere and warm congratulations.

Maria von Känel, President of the Board of NELFA, said on this occasion: “FLG is one of NELFA’s founding members. Their experience, their motivation, and their willingness to share have been very important for our movement at European level too. FLG continues to do very important work with schools, bringing real life stories into the classroom, helping to reduce prejudice and to create an inclusive environment for all children independently from their family composition. The first President of NELFA’s Board, Katy Pallàs, came from FLG and she helped shape our organisation with passion and vision. I wish FLG many more successful years of work in defence of the rights of Rainbow Families.

Lisa Green, NELFA Board member based in Germany and a mother herself, added: “FLG has been inspirational for many Rainbow Families associations in Europe, including Germany. In 2012, FLG helped to organise NELFA’s 2nd European Families Meeting in Lloret de Mar. It was a wonderful event that brought more than 1000 people together from Catalonia, the rest of Spain, and many other European countries. Participants still talk about it fondly to this day.”