Members of the European Parliament support IFED

Dear NELFA Members,

Today and throughout the month of May, many, many families around the world will be celebrating International Family Equality Day (IFED).

We wanted to share with you this photo of Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) holding the IFED sign, showing support for our families. These MEPs are members of the Parliament’s Inter-Group on LGBT Rights. Although these MEPs are naturally sensitive to our cause, it is nevertheless important to highlight the fact that they represent a wide spectrum of democratic political parties in the Parliament, representing Right, Centre and Left parties.

Please consider asking your own members to take the time to thank these MEPs for their support, by writing a short message on the Facebook page of the Inter-Group:

The Board would also like to take this chance to thank warmly our President, Maria von Känel, for her wonderful work in promoting IFED.

Best regards,

Luis Amorim

Vice-President of the Board of NELFA

Members of the European Parliament support IFED
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