News from Russia: International Family Equality Day happened!

“On the 1st of May many countries around the world celebrate one of the most amazing days – International Family Equality Day. On this day, LGBT-parents from all over the world meet to celebrate the day of their pride and love!

We (‘Coming Out‘ from Russia) didn’t stay aside! In 2016 Russia joined the celebration of this wonderful day for the first time. We celebrated in St. Petersburg, Moscow, Samara, Yekaterinburg!In St. Petersburg, we celebrated this day on 30 of April. LGBT-initiative group “Coming Out” and initiative group of “Rainbow Future” joined forces and made a big celebration for LGBT-parents and their children.

We were dancing, painting, making appliques, laughing, telling each other about our families, communicating via Skype with the regions of Russia, which also celebrated this day, and with our colleagues from Switzerland and Sweden.We shared ideas about what we can do to improve the situation with LGBT-families in St. Petersburg.

We saw how important is the support of LGBT-people who are not parents, but by looking at the existing family, they can see for themselves their possible future. As we can often hear (especially from gay men), that when they were teenagers, they realized their future loneliness and basic inability to have a family. It is not so! Everything is possible, if you see this opportunity, if you can see it! Your presence at such festivals runs in two directions: for you (family opening perspectives) and for LGBT-parents (feeling supported, become stronger).

Why do we celebrate this day? Because we want to create a community. The Community of LGBT-parents in Russia. We believe that it is very important to feel our strength, support, solidarity and sympathy. LGBT-parents are tens of thousands throughout Russia, and hundreds of thousands in the world. We are a part of a huge international movement. To realize it means not to feel isolated, helpless and alienated from the life stream.

We are pleased to welcome you on YOUR holiday! We are together with you! See you again!

Yours, ‘Coming Out'”

News from Russia: International Family Equality Day happened!
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