New legal advice for rainbow families! (ILGA-Europe blog)

ILGA-Europe just started a blog concerning freedom of movement rights within the EU and the outcome of the Coman judgment last summer. NELFA supports the blog wholeheartedly and has also given some input (i.e. with its publication on the Coman case and recent presentations at the EU Commission and the Parliament in Brussels).

The blog gives advice for rainbow families who actually face legal struggles by crossing EU borders. Have a look!

By the way: NELFA will attend a meeting of EU LGBTIQ* Family Lawyers in Frankfurt (13th of April 2019). One mayor aim is to build up a network of legal experts, strongly connected with NELFA. If you are interested to join the meeting, please sign up.

And: We are still interested in legal cases (EU freedom of movement)! Together with ILGA-Europe, we want to develop strategic litigation (i.e. for the mutual recognition of civil documents like birth certificates). So, if ever you have a case – please let us know: Thanks!

New legal advice for rainbow families! (ILGA-Europe blog)
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