Latest news from CRIN: protection of the family

6 juli 2017 | tags: internationaal, rechtsgelijkheid

The Human Rights Council adopted a new resolution on the protection of the family with a focus on “the role of the family in supporting the protection and promotion of human rights of older persons”. It was adopted by a vote of 30 in favour, 12 against and five abstentions. As for the previous annual resolutions on “the protection of the family”, strong opposition from human rights organisations took place during the process of adoption. A coalition of NGOs made a statement to the Council arguing that this resolution aimed “to subvert the universality of international human rights; stifle diversity and autonomy; and to shift rights protections away from family members, including older persons, into the institution of ‘the family’”. The failure of the resolution to recognise that various forms of family exist everywhere was also highlighted.

Read more about what is wrong with this resolution in CRIN’s (Children’s rights at the United Nations) article “Claiming back rights: the family rights fallacy”.