Italy: NELFA welcomes the new civil unions law, but criticizes lack of adoption provisions

13 mei 2016 | tags: Italië, rechtsgelijkheid

The Network of European LGBTIQ* Families Associations (NELFA) welcomes the approval on 11 May 2016, of the new civil unions law by the Italian Parliament extending some rights to same-sex couples. This is an important step in the right direction. However, NELFA also feels that this law comes late and presents significant limitations as regards the legal recognition and protection of LGBTIQ parents and their children. NELFA, and its member organisations, will continue to call for an inclusive law that takes fully into account the protection of all current and future Rainbow Families.

Maria von Känel, President of the Board of NELFA, said: “Italy has stood alone for quite some time among Western European nations on the map of equality. The new law is a step in the right direction and will bring Italy closer to those that have chosen the right side of history. However, this law contains important limitations in relation to LGBTIQ parents and their children. NELFA will continue to call for an inclusive law for our families”.

Giuseppina La Delfa, NELFA Board Member based in Italy and a mother herself, added: “I am happy for all the thousands of activists that fought hard to see the day when our relationships would be formally recognised in Italy. But I feel sad for our families and for our children. This law refuses to acknowledge the dignity of our families and the right of our children to be protected like any other child. In that respect, this law is discriminatory and only contributes to reinforce the legal uncertainty that our families have to deal with on a daily basis”.