Italy – Family EVERY Day

Dear Member and Friends,

Many of your probably know that in Italy debate has been heating up on whether or not to approve civil unions legislation for same-sex couples, including ‘stepchild’ adoption rights (i.e. the non-legal parent would be able to adopt the legal child of his/her partner).

The anti-equality camp in Italy launched Family Day to celebrate the traditional family of father + mother + children. Our member organisation Famiglie Arcobaleno decided to launch a counter slogan: Family EVERY Day, to underscore that our families are full-fledged families and that every day is family day for rainbow families.

There is a simple way for you to join the campaign. You just have to use the app to change your photo on Facebook and add ‘Family EVERY Day’ to it.

Our Italian friends are fighting hard to win this first step towards family equality. Italy remains to this day one of the few countries in Western Europe without any form of legislation protecting our families. Let’s give them a helping hand by joining this campaign. Because visibility matters!

Best regards,

Luis Amorim

NELFA Board Member

Italy – Family EVERY Day
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