Final vote in Portuguese parliament opens joint adoption to same-sex couples

26 december 2015 | tags: adoptie, Portugal

The Network of European LGBT Families Associations (NELFA) welcomes the majority vote of the Portuguese parliament opening joint adoption and co-adoption rights to same-sex couples. This is the end of a long process and today’s result was undoubtedly a victory for all the LGBT activists and their allies who fought hard for legal equality for all families in Portugal. NELFA would like to extend heartfelt congratulations to its member organisation ILGA Portugal for all their hard work in making this vote come true.

Maria von Känel, President of NELFA, said: “We are very happy for this vote which ensures that all couples in Portugal will finally have the opportunity to be considered on an equal footing when it comes to co-adoption and joint adoption of children. LGBT persons do not ask for special rights, they ask for equal rights. NELFA always feels more hopeful when we see one more country in Europe joining the right side of History.”

Luis Amorim, NELFA Board Member from Portugal and a father through adoption, added: “This is wonderful news for all Portuguese children waiting for a loving family. Children thrive best when cared for and loved by a family. This vote has made the pool of potential parents grow bigger and that is a good thing for all children in the Portuguese adoption system. Let’s not forget that many same-sex couples in Portugal did not wait for 2015 to become a family. The new law will also allow existing families to obtain more and better legal protection for their children.”