COFACE Families Europe Newsletter – with lgbtqi family part!

30 november 2017 | tags: internationaal, NELFA, rechtsgelijkheid, Regenbooggezin

COFACE Families Europe promotes the well-being, health and security of families and their members in a changing society and serve as a trusted entity for family mainstreaming and for the voice/needs of families in the EU and beyond.

An important role of COFACE Families Europe is to function as a bridge between civil society organisations, research bodies and public authorities. We build on the experience of our member organisations and we listen to the needs of families at grassroots level and channel these to policy and decision makers at EU level, daily ensuring links between EU and local realities. In addition to consulting our member organisations, we regularly link up to other networks to exchange best practice, learn about other ways of solving societal problems, and grow our network, on which we can rely for our events, projects and advocacy work.

COFACE Families Europe was happy to welcome NELFA, the Network of European LGBTIQ* Families Associations, as a supporting member. That’s why a workshop NELFA held at the ILGA-Europe Annual Conference 2017 in Warsaw was mentioned in the newsletter of COFACE. A big step for NELFA (and Meer dan gewenst)!