Single man looking for co-parenting with a single woman or single mother in/near Rotterdam

8 september 2020

I am 42 years old single man looking to co-parent with a single woman or single mother. For many years I have had the desire to become a parent and the feeling becomes stronger.

For both mother and father raising a child is a big responsibility with lots of hard work and sacrifice. Yet it is most rewarding, purposeful and fulfilling to give the best parenting to a child and raise him/her as a great human being. To raise a little one and pass on the best we have and, to love them unconditionally brings a different purpose in life. These are the reasons why I would like to become father and raise a child together with a mother who has similar values.

I have Indian origin and was raised in Australia. I have travelled and lived in many countries therefore, I have a very international background and I am open minded. I have been living in Netherlands for 9 years now and I call it home because I connect well with the place, people and culture here. Therefore, I am permanently living and settled here.

On a personal level, I am a very responsible, intelligent, outgoing, honest and straight-forward person. I am highly educated, ambitious in my career and have a stable profession. Physically I am healthy and active. Mentally I am strong and focused. I like to run, do nature walks and practice meditation & mindfulness regularly. I do not smoke or take drugs.

I am looking for a single woman or a single mother who already has child(ren) and who shares the same reasons to raise a child together. Co-parenting will have some challenges and will require a lot of trust and willingness to make it happen for the best upbringing of the child. I believe a child needs both mother and father who share a happy co-parenting relationship. I am looking for a person who will not just be a mother of my child but also my friend. Therefore, it is important that there is honesty, respect, mutual understanding and care for each other.

It is important that you are mentally & physically healthy and don’t take drugs. If you agree with what I have said and that you are serious, lets discuss it further.

Naam Mr P
Ik ben Homo man alleen
Ik zoek Hetero vrouw alleen
Mijn wens Co-ouderschap
Regio Rotterdam, Randstad
Provincie Zuid-Holland
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Single man looking for co-parenting with a single woman or single mother in/near Rotterdam

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