Seeing Male partner(s) in the greatest adventure yet (Cheesy, cringeworthy, but it’s true!)

I am looking for curious, loving, enthusiastic partner(s) for co-parenting!
I grew up in the USA, I lived in Barcelona, Berlin, the woods of Sweden, on a sailboat, and now I live outside of Tilburg where I work as an Assistant Professor. I do apologize for the English and I would be more than happy for my child’s parents to speak Dutch to the child (though we will somehow have to get to know one another). I am learning.

I’m 38 years old and have had a few amazing relationships (with men). I know that sounds a little on the old side, but my doctor assures me that I’m ready to rock (if it makes any difference, people often think I look a lot younger). I am single now, and I think co-parenting is the best way forward as I want to provide a lasting and stable situation for my child with a strong male role model(s). I am looking for a co-parent(s) who will share the joys and responsibilities, and ideally be good friends. Also, it would be cool if your mother(s) are fun because I know that if they live nearby they are going to want in on this. My own mother would probably charter a jet from Chicago in a millisecond if she found out I was pregnant. She’s fun and helpful, and then she’ll leave. I’m planning on staying in Europe, though, so I would want to get to know your family if they are important to you. If that is a problem for you, no need to write!

I get excited about: New research ideas, discussing the news, listening to music, skiing, running, cycling, hiking, sailing
I would describe myself as: Loving, sometimes silly; outdoorsy, yet into fashion
I also like: Museums, food, technology, comedy, green tea, fiction, board games, the occasional glass of wine. I went through a phase of trying to be into whisky, and I still like it, but I think mostly I was kidding myself.
I value: All the major ones (honesty, trust, humility, etc.) Also, humor, curiosity and a global perspective are important to me.

Seeing Male partner(s) in the greatest adventure yet (Cheesy, cringeworthy, but it’s true!)
Naam PeopleTellMeI'dBeaGreatMom
Ik ben Hetero vrouw alleen
Ik zoek Homo man alleen, Biseksuele man alleen, Mannenstel
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Seeing Male partner(s) in the greatest adventure yet (Cheesy, cringeworthy, but it’s true!)

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