Leuke wensvader in Amsterdam zoekt wensmama(s)

Hello all,

A friendly and easy-going single gay guy, living and working in Amsterdam, is looking for a chance to become a father – open to various different set-ups and constellations. 🙂

First, shortly about myself:
I am in my early 40ies and originally from Vienna (Austria), have lived some years in Germany and moved in early 2020, right around the start of the pandemic, to Amsterdam. I’m working in the IT area, am financially stable and now after some challenging years of home office and lockdowns, I finally feel settled enough to take the next step in my journey to fatherhood.

In my spare time I like to go to the gym, lead an active lifestyle, read, walk around town (when it’s not raining) or travel to explore new cultures & countries.

Since a young age, I always knew I wanted to have kids and become a father, however I always felt I needed to wait for the right partner. Now, after some time, exploring different options like adoption, surrogacy or fostering, I concluded that I would prefer the co-parenting model as my personal preference and now I feel more than ready to find someone to help make this dream come true together.

My ideal constellation would be a co-parenting arrangement – best with a 50/50 joint split of responsibilities from the beginning or an early stage on to allow the child to grow up directly being used to a stable exchange arrangement – where the child(ren) should be having two loving homes and us being able to arrange things among us to best support each other and the needs of everyone. If it works well, we can also plan together special events like holidays Christmas, birthdays, etc. – just as a nice blended unique family constellation with whoever joins our path.

However, as life is unpredictable and every situation is unique, I am also flexible enough to discuss different settings or compromises along the way so that it works best for everyone – important part for me is to find a solution which is in the best interest of the child(ren) and also us as parents can live our lives without conflicts or tensions.

Also, as for me parenthood is not defined by biological descendance, I am open to non-traditional constellations with co-parenting partners who either already have a child / children or who are already pregnant or in preparation and are looking for a co-parenting partner to join, forming a unique and modern family bond.
Happy to hear from you if I did not already scare you off. 🙂

Tot ziens!

Leuke wensvader in Amsterdam zoekt wensmama(s)
Naam S.B.
Ik ben Homo man alleen
Ik zoek Lesbische vrouw alleen, Biseksuele vrouw alleen, Hetero vrouw alleen, Homo man alleen, Biseksuele man alleen, Hetero man alleen, Vrouwenstel, Mannenstel, Hetero stel
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Leuke wensvader in Amsterdam zoekt wensmama(s)

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