German (39) likes to donate for a Dutch lesbian couple or perhaps a for a Dutch single woman

4 december 2019

Goede dag,

I’m a 39 years old gay man from Western Germany, 70 km away from Venlo. Yes, I’m very familiar with the Netherlands and for decades very passionated for your country.

Maybe I’m the right donor for you if you share my perspective that it can be an enrichment for a child to have contact with a biological father from another (but nearby) country.

This year (2019) I served as a donor for the first time, for one single lesbian woman from provincie Utrecht. She currently is pregnant by me and we’re very happy to see “our” child growing more and more via echographie these weeks. Our ideal is that after birth I’ll see the child about three or four times a year, perhaps including short common holiday trips the three of us.

I agreed with her that I can serve for one more Dutch woman or one Dutch lesbian couple. We also agreed: If this one other woman or this couple want’s to have more than only one child from the same donor, I can donate two or even more times for this other woman or this couple.

My wish is to have personal contact to the child at least once a year or, if you like, even more often, similar to the child from provincie Utrecht.
I guarantee that I’ll keep a certain degree of distance. I won’t interfere your daily life with the child. I don’t require to become “part of the inner family”. A “closer friendship” to you may be possible and nice, but even that should not be a precondition.
Of course, a certain degree of “emotional connection” should exist between you and me, especially the reciprocal trust that we always stay in contact after the child is born.
I also attach high importance on legal certainty. For that reason I prefer a married couple. Because according to Dutch law, a donor for a married couple has no maintenance obligation and also no official rights. That’s exactly the legal certainty I want. And that’s also why I only want to donor in the Netherlands. According to German or Belgium law such a certainty is not possible.

If you are a single woman, we have to make it the same way as I did with the woman from provincie Utrecht. We consulted a specialized notary in Volendam. That costs a few hundred euros. The certainty we achieve is worth it.

I’m a non-smoker and for lifetime a very consequent vegetarian. I’m 1.85 meter tall, sporty-slim. I made a medical check for the woman from provincie Utrecht a few month ago. I’m totally healthy and able to donor. I work as a teacher (overwhelmingly for teenagers).
It would be nice if you also are non-smokers.

My most-loved hobby is to travel to different countries. I totally prefer western culture like USA. And I love animals, especially cats.
Friends say I’m a very direct and honest person. Especially my Dutch friends tell me I do quite well with Dutch mentality.

Write me if you are fine with these ideas and have further questions.

NaamDaniel van de Rijn
Ik benHomo man alleen
Ik zoekLesbische vrouw alleen, Vrouwenstel
Mijn wensDonor, Donor Plus


German (39) likes to donate for a Dutch lesbian couple or perhaps a for a Dutch single woman

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