German (38) likes to be donor for one dutch lesbian couple

30 april 2019
NaamDaniel van de Rijn
Ik benHomo man alleen
Ik zoekLesbische vrouw alleen, Vrouwenstel
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German (38) likes to be donor for one dutch lesbian couple

Goede dag,

I’m a 38 years old man from Western Germany, nearby Rijn and not far away from dutch border. Yes, I’m very familiar with the Netherlands and also very passionated for your country.

My wish is to become a donor and have personal contact to the child a few times a year.
I prefer a married lesbian couple. I’m gay. For living I work as a teacher. So far I have no childs.

Maybe I’m the right donor for you if you share my perspective that it can be an enrichment for a child to have contact with a biological father from another (but nearby) country.
I’m a non-smoker and vegetarian. I’m 1.85 meter tall, sporty-slim and healthy. My most-loved hobby is to travel to different countries. And I love animals, especially cats.
Friends say I’m a very direct and honest person.

Write me if you have questions.

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