Roze ouders gezocht met minstens 1 kind van maximaal 4 jaar

14 maart 2019 | tags: Regenbooggezin

Voor het Duitse magazine Eltern is journaliste Elisabeth op zoek naar een regenbooggezin met minstens 1 kind van maimaal 4 jaar (vanwege het lezerspubliek van Eltern). Hieronder haar verzoek, in het Engels:

Dear all,

I am a journalist from Berlin, and I am currently working on an interview series with parents from all over the world for the German magazine “Eltern”. The idea is to talk to couples from various regions around the globe about their family lives. The interviews serve as a sort of snapshot into a particular area. And they try to portrait family lives in a time, where there are actually more similarities than differences to be found worldwide – and yet with room, to celebrate the differences. Until now we’ve never portrayed a couple from an LGBTI community. And I would very much like to change that, for a broader perspective on family lives. I was therefore hoping that you might be able to help me find a couple wo’d be interested in this kind of interview.

The text (see below) simply introduces the parents, how they met, where they work and the surroundings in which they live in. Then come some practical issues, such as: Who does what around the house (and does that feel fair to everyone), what are the biggest costs for families in your area, etc. Then some personal questions: What is most stressful about everyday life with children for you, who’s the boss around your house (one of the parents or the children), how does your perfect family day look like, how do your children make you laugh, what’s your biggest dream as a family, and what are your most important educational rules with the offspring? The interview usually takes about one hour via Skype/FaceTime, and I’m always looking for a family who has at least one child that is under 4 years old (reader demographics).

If you can think of someone interested, who’d speak with me and provide us with a small family picture, I’d be very grateful.

Best wishes from Berlin,

Elisabeth Wellershaus, Journalistin

Mobil + 49-(0)179-66-33-181